What You Should Do When Stove Stops Working

An inoperable stove can send any home owner into a panic mood. But unfortunately, most home owners find their stoves are not working when most needed- probably at the middle of deep winter or when short of money. Although there are those warning signs that something is wrong with your stove, and it is time to look for an appliances repairman, you may be caught off-guard. Stoves are by far much better than simple open fires. In free air, solid fuels will only burn at about 240o C which is very low temperature for a perfect combustion reaction. In addition, open fires produces a lot of smoke which pollutes the environment. Modern enclosed stoves are very efficient, produces little or no smoke, and produces a lot of heat, (burns at 600O C). But when stove stops working what do you do?

There are many reasons that can make stove to stop working, but fuel is the major culprit.

Check the fuel.

To get optimum heating from your stove, you should use the correct fuel. If you are using wood fuel, you should use the correct type of wood. Research shows that hardwoods are hottest and burns longer. Ensure the wood you are using has been �cured’- this means moisture content is within the acceptable level. To get the best fire, before adding larger pieces of wood, burn some kindling to embers- ember beds will help wood burn hotter.

If you are using pellets as the source of fuel, use high-quality hardwood pellets that are manufactured by a member of Pellet Fuels Institute. They should not be large sized, about 3/4 inch long and 1/4 inch in diameter is the ideal size. You should check if the electric auger properly delivers the pellets from hopper to the burn chamber.


Check fuel placement.

To get the best and effective heat flow through your house, always ensure fuel is placed properly. If you are using a wood stove, you should place the stove on the best level that offers maximum heat flow. Wood stoves are placed on the level of the house- and not the basement to allow for good path and transfer of air for the heat to rise and heat up the house.

Check where stove is placed- The stove should be placed at a room that is close to the centre of house to heat home effectively.

Check the vent.

For effective heat transfer from the lower level of the house to the upper part, the vent should be atleast 15 inches square and located near the wood stove as possible. The size and position of the vent allows effective air circulation. Ask appliance repairman to check if fans are working.


Don’t repair yourself.

  • If you can diagnose the problem, the better- it will save time and money. If fuel isn’t the problem, it is the high time you ask for an appliance repair man services. Don’t do it yourself, you may end up making it worse. https://www.facebook.com/AAAApplianceRepairChicago

Don’t use backdoor appliances repairman, always go for certified repairman whose is experienced in stove repair.